Illustrations by Ella Manor Lapointe

The Children’s Story
A Journey In The Most Beautiful Nights Of The Year

An illustrated storybook project to be printed in 2018

Written by Zvi Szir
Book design and illustration by Ella Lapointe

“In January 2007 at the beginning of my fifth year at the neueKUNSTschule (newARTschool) in Basel, Switzerland, I had a conversation with my teacher Zvi Szir; in which I expressed my interest in illustrating a children’s book. “You would like to illustrate a book?! I have a story for you”.
Thus began my journey with The Children’s Story - A Journey on the Most Beautiful Nights of the Year. The manuscript my teacher handed me was a story he had written for his sons, Stav and Eden and for Marva and Lavi, the daughter and son of close family friends. It is a story in chapters, intended
to be read aloud, one chapter a night during the Most Beautiful Nights of the Year, the 13 nights from December 24th to January 5th, known as the Holy Nights. Told in a friendly tone with a playful and humorous style, the story brings imaginative pictures of the children’s nightly journey in the world beneath the moon. The book; which will be printed in 2018, will be a large scale, 9”x12” hardcover book, about 88 pages long, with 13 full page illustrations, 3 of which are full spread. 41 pages feature smaller watercolor illustrations and many hand-drawn graphic motifs and vignettes accompany the text.” - EL

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