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Just For Fun #1: Rearranging cut paper to create different gestures

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I've been trying to get back in the swing of things but I am feeling a bit blocked lately, After drawing and erasing for a while I decided to just play for a bit. Letting one's imagination breath and wander freely a bit but without committing to anything can really help when one is beginning to feel a bit stressed and frustrated, give it a go!

Playful little activities to exercize those creative mussles in a safe place. #1: cut some random shapes, arrange them...

Posted by Ellapointe Studio on Friday, April 1, 2016

Illustration Friday: 'Vanity'

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Visiting my sister in London. She kindly gave me free reign to cut into her piles of Bridal magazines, left over from when she planned her wedding about five years ago. It's funny how I originally had the idea to play with the contrast of big very extravagant figures and a small plain one, I was thinking about an urban setting and a little girl, perhaps a clothes store?! As my idea evolved further I landed at a well known fairytale which enabled my imagination to go wild... Can you recognize it?

Cinderella's vane stepsisters getting ready for the ball.