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Illustration Friday: 'Temptation'

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This week's topic was the word 'Temptation'. 

As a child whenever we had cake in the house, which was not very often, I would ask: "what's this cake for?". Hoping the answer would be something like:" oh, we can eat it right now if you like!'. Alas, this was seldom the case. and so I would have to wait patiently until the time of the event which the cake was intended for. It may have only been an hour or so away but it felt like eternity to resist the temptation… Maybe that's what this little girl is feeling...

'What's this cake for?!' a watercolor illustration by Ella Lapointe.


*I originally created this illustration for the word 'Refrain' but did not have a chance to post it to IF at the time.

Illustration Friday: 'Energy'

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This week's challenge was: "Energy". I had a few ideas mostly involving children or pets and their seemingly unlimited energy in contrast with the adults in their lives... Upon further consideration however,  I felt inspired to take it in a different direction and focus on a more inward, subtle kind of energy. I thought of the invisible and inexplicable, yet very real,  healing effect of a mother's kiss. This poor little boy fell off his bike and is rather upset but don't worry! soon he will feel much better.

"Mother will kiss it better", an original watercolor illustration by Ella Lapointe.

Illustration Friday Submission 9/27-4/10/2013

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For the Week from September 27th till October 4th the Illustration Friday Challenge was the word "Onomatopoeia". I was inspired by one of my favorite songs from childhood: "Puff the magic dragon". Here's what I came up with for "Puff". If you are unfamiliar with "illustration Friday" it's a wonderful weekly challenge for illustrators of all skill levels (also kids). I've participated twice so far. Here's a link to that fun website: 

Puff the magic dragon