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Fireflies and Mixed Media

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A couple weeks ago I bought a nice mix of hand printed Japanese papers for my collage needs… This morning I was drawn to play a bit with some of the nice deep greens and patterns that were in there, also had a couple of mixed blue inks that needed using… Here's the result:

'Where do fireflies come from?' an illustration by Ella Lapointe


Illustration Friday: 'Vanity'

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Visiting my sister in London. She kindly gave me free reign to cut into her piles of Bridal magazines, left over from when she planned her wedding about five years ago. It's funny how I originally had the idea to play with the contrast of big very extravagant figures and a small plain one, I was thinking about an urban setting and a little girl, perhaps a clothes store?! As my idea evolved further I landed at a well known fairytale which enabled my imagination to go wild... Can you recognize it?

Cinderella's vane stepsisters getting ready for the ball.