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'Momo' Puppet Show poster illustration and design

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I've been away from my blog and illustration challenge work for a while, working on a commission: A poster illustration for a puppet show based on the fabulous Children's Book (Novel) 'Momo' by Michael Ende. The client wanted it to be apparent from the illustration that this will be a puppet show and what kind of puppets they were going to be; larger than life rod puppets which the puppeteers wear and move from the inside. 

I first encountered 'Momo' when I was 19 years old and was taking my first steps into learning german. An Austrian Co-Worker suggested Learning german by reading 'Momo'. With a dictionary in one hand and my Austrian friend to help me understand the grammar, we embarked on this adventure... We progressed incredibly slowly and I ended up reading the book in English long before my german abilities enabled me to get through the first chapter of the original.

It's a truly wonderful Children's book which has a depth of truth and insight that can nourish and inspire many adults as well. To read more about the puppetry project follow this link.

A funny thing that happened in the process of working on the poster was that by the time the poster was finished the costume designer had decided that Momo's coat would not be green as they initially told me but would be red, the painting was already finished. I wonder if it was surprising for people to see the main character's coat look so different...

I thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with this magical tale and the characters Momo and Cassiopeia.

illustration for a poster for the puppet show 'Momo The Time Titan' 

illustration for a poster for the puppet show 'Momo The Time Titan' 

Just For Fun #1: Rearranging cut paper to create different gestures

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I've been trying to get back in the swing of things but I am feeling a bit blocked lately, After drawing and erasing for a while I decided to just play for a bit. Letting one's imagination breath and wander freely a bit but without committing to anything can really help when one is beginning to feel a bit stressed and frustrated, give it a go!

Playful little activities to exercize those creative mussles in a safe place. #1: cut some random shapes, arrange them...

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Fireflies and Mixed Media

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A couple weeks ago I bought a nice mix of hand printed Japanese papers for my collage needs… This morning I was drawn to play a bit with some of the nice deep greens and patterns that were in there, also had a couple of mixed blue inks that needed using… Here's the result:

'Where do fireflies come from?' an illustration by Ella Lapointe


'M' is for Mask

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This weeks Illustration Friday Challenge was the word 'Mask'.

I have been interested in illustrated letters for a while now and thought I would give it a try. It was both challenging and interesting to try and create a specific character even though her face is completely covered with an oversized mask, similarly to balance a recognizable letter of the ABC that would still feel like it was something else as well, maybe a ginger cat... 


'M' is for Mask,  a watercolor illustration by Ella Lapointe

'M' is for Mask, a watercolor illustration by Ella Lapointe

Illustration Friday: 'Temptation'

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This week's topic was the word 'Temptation'. 

As a child whenever we had cake in the house, which was not very often, I would ask: "what's this cake for?". Hoping the answer would be something like:" oh, we can eat it right now if you like!'. Alas, this was seldom the case. and so I would have to wait patiently until the time of the event which the cake was intended for. It may have only been an hour or so away but it felt like eternity to resist the temptation… Maybe that's what this little girl is feeling...

'What's this cake for?!' a watercolor illustration by Ella Lapointe.


*I originally created this illustration for the word 'Refrain' but did not have a chance to post it to IF at the time.

Five Minute Collage

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The Sketchbook Project have some awesome free challenges lately… Here's my submission to the 'Challenge Accepted' five minute collage #CAfoundcollage… I knew these paint swatches would be useful for something...

Fish collage- five minute collage.


May Give Away

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Illustration Friday: 'Vanity'

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Visiting my sister in London. She kindly gave me free reign to cut into her piles of Bridal magazines, left over from when she planned her wedding about five years ago. It's funny how I originally had the idea to play with the contrast of big very extravagant figures and a small plain one, I was thinking about an urban setting and a little girl, perhaps a clothes store?! As my idea evolved further I landed at a well known fairytale which enabled my imagination to go wild... Can you recognize it?

Cinderella's vane stepsisters getting ready for the ball.